RASTA is the Teaching & Training arm of RASTEK Technologies Karachi, Pakistan with a strong commitment to education.

RASTA’s establishment is truly inline with RASTEK’s mission to become the undisputed No one Service/Solution Provider for Education and R&D sectors.

The latest technologies and products, which RASTEK Technologies markets, need specialized training for its proper usage and utilization so we develop our own in-house training center at our head office in Karachi.

RASTA conducts, on regular basis seminars, workshops and short courses on strategic technologies and innovative solutions, which RASTEK technologies.

Through small, RASTA is a state-of-the-art well-equipped learning center; with the latest audio/visual training aids and tools available. Where we also display cutting edge products and solutions.

RASTA also offers the VLSI and VHDL Course based on the Mentor Graphics. This course is designed by Mentor Graphics.

“To provide the training of the latest technologies, methodologies to emergent commercial and educational sector in Pakistan by using the sophisticated tools”

Authorized training partner (ATP)
RASTA is the authorized training partner of mentor graphics, which will provide the training of VLSI and VHDL using Mentor Graphics Products in Pakistan, and will create the awareness of Mentor Graphics tools to the Commercial and educational sector.
RASTA sees itself in the near future as a Top-Notch Technology Solution provider and will support the overall growth of electrical and electronics technology in Pakistan.

RASTA does not limit itself to the educational sector, but will also provide the training to commercial sectors like R&D Organizations and industries.

Educational Institutes:
RASTA covers the institution’s disciplines/departments like Electronics, Electrical, Computer Information System, where the VLSI and VHDL are included as a complete course in the final year. We provide solutions to most of the institution’s practical implementation or hands-on practice on the different tools on the mentioned theoretical subjects.

For Engineering universities and institutions, RASTA puts its effort to create awareness and hands-on practice on tools like Mentor Graphics Packages so it helps them to create a better understanding of their theoretical knowledge and to use such tools in the industry.

Commercial Sector:
RASTA also covers technical persons from the industry and R&D institutions who have some knowledge or not aware of the Mentor Tools. RASTA helps such technical persons from the industry to use the Mentor Graphic tools.